Gig 48: Belcarra Village Center (Jan 24th, 2004)
This show was a blast, lots of good looking persons, free food, and nostalgic tunes. We played fairly well but the on-stage energy was something else. The show climaxed with 2 or 3 minutes of improvised jamming after wretched legion followed by the uber hardcore part (unfortunatly all the amps were unplugged so it was just drums) and Taelor magestically soaring through the drums. All the other bands were awesome and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Gig 47: Endoplasmic (Jan 17th, 2004)
A show that looked glum ignited a whole new level of onstage spontanity within dysfunctional. Applying new pedals and more improvisational and spazcore traits to the set provided the crowd with a show that was somewhat entertaining. Whether it was Harold talking with the crowd mid song, Denver's ferocity behind the kit, Billy's ability to hold down the "music" or Taelor's blood dripped bass, this was a show to remember.

Gig 46: Matsqui Rec Center (Jan 10th, 2004)
We were pumped up for this show due to our resent absence; however, this show lacked energy from the crowd. Harold dove through the drumset, again, and the hype for it was amazing. I feel that we played exceptional, and the following acts were also up to "punk rock" standards. This night ended on a high note with the performance of Billy the Kid and the Lost boys who blew the crowd away as usual. Overall it wasn’t a bad show but lets just say we would’ve prefered more crowd participation.

Gig 45: Lunchtime Food Drive (Dec 18th, 2003)
A fairly decent turn out from the locals. It was fun to finally perform in front of some people again and to get back into the groove. We displayed one of our newer songs that seemed to go over pretty well and by popular demand attempted the infamous “Inflicted Wounds”. A little roughhousing was quickly put to an end by the bouncer, AKA Colin Sharpe. It was fun and we raised some money and food items for the food bank.

Gig 44: Bruise Boards and Beats (Oct 29th, 2003)
This never happened thanks to names left to be unmentioned.

Gig 43: Hamilton Community Centre (Oct 25th, 2003)
Jumping, rolling, sweating, these were words to describe this show. Our most energetic show to date, the crowd grooved nicely to our spaztic set. Slightly heavier than usual, I thought this show was a great step towards the type of band we strive to be.

Gig 42: Stardust (Oct 17th, 2003)
One more time at Stardust, and it was exactly as i expected. Yet again we lost to a radio rock band.

Gig 41: Chilliwack (Oct 11th, 2003)
This was an awesome show. We drove out there watching "That Thing You Do" which pumped us up for our set. The crowd was insane and many of our new songs went over awesome. We love the 'wack and we hope we can do this again sometime. WPP was amazing.

Gig 40: Re-Generation (Oct 4th, 2003)
A chance to play at an event like this was a good oppurtunity. Not only did we learn a wide variety of information to aid our future music careers, but all the volunteers and Umeeda Switlo were very kind to us. We played with our normal energetic live show and sold a couple CD's. Go Dysfun!

Gig 39: Glenbrook Carnival (Sept 27th, 2003)
This show was good fun. Nice little carnival in the sun with free food and a dunk tank. What more can a guy ask for? (Taelor insert bands here) all played awesome and we'll definately get in touch with them later. A big thanks to Trevor Cave for putting this on even though he was let go due to budget cuts.

Gig 38: Seylynn (Sept 20th, 2003)
Well for this show we decided to unleash the mayhem that is 3 brand spanking new songs upon the unsuspecting viewers. They went over fairly well. I (Denver) had to stop at one point to rub my hip which had cramped like a mofo, but still the new material sounded very nice and soothing. All the bands that played were very good. Devious cracked out a jazz intro, which thoroughly pleased us and Mr Solid also cranked out some new material which was good. Another nice Seylynn show, another oppritunity to skate the snake.

Gig 37: Seylynn (Aug 23rd, 2003)
Basically the same show two nights later at a different venue with the same fans and bands. The suits were still rocking and all the kids seemed to be tired from the AYC show. The bands kept on rocking though.

Gig 36: CD Release, AYC (Aug 21st, 2003)
This show was fantastic. All the bands played amazing sets, and the crowd was one of the best I had seen in a long time. The crowd moved with us for every song and even sang along for a couple of the tunes. Harold jumped through the drumset off of my bass amp and it was the perfect ending to a great show.

Gig 35: El Punko's Shindig (Aug 15th, 2003)
Kurtis birthday party was lots of fun. It was a beautiful summer's eve as we jammed in the flourescent sunlight that painted his backyard. There were lots of kids there enjoying the tunes and we played Bro Hymn decently for once. Steve helped us out on trumpet after his band, Satchmo, finished playing a wicked set.

Gig 34: Snackerz (Aug 8th, 2003)
A formal party for Lindsey. It was fun as the crowd just stood there looking at us in awe, or perhaps dissapointment. We played through the set and realised that we were in desperate need for practice. Back to the drawing board we go. Oh wait, we received cake. Hurray.

Gig 33: Snackerz (June 30th, 2003)
An empty show, and we found about it a day before. We entertained the other bands that stuck around after they played their marvelous sets. They jumped to our music and we were surprised that we ended up headlining. Dysfun's finally moving up the punk scene food chain baby.

Gig 32: Ambleside (June 20th, 2003)
This show was awesome. We ran through our set and all was good. Harold dove through Denver's drumset superman style, it was very amazing. Never have I been aware of Harold's acrobatic capabilities. Himsa was amazing, thanks to Steve for putting on such a dope show yo. Props to the other bands also.

Gig 31: Rightstock (June 7th, 2003)
Another outdoor show. We moved onto the grass to entertain the crowd and we managed to get some of the kids moving around. Lots of other good bands played so it was fun. Thanks to Walk The Line for the cab.

Gig 30: Arts In The Park (June 7th, 2003)
Fun in the sun. Free food.

Gig 29: Snackerz (May 30th, 2003)
This was scary. Because no one showed up, including our opening band. We waited until 8'o'clock until about 40 people showed up and we opened. Hope Kills Fear came on after us, they were a little late because of traffic, but it's all good. FTO and Dissent played wicked.

Gig 28: Youth Week (May 9th, 2003)
Hurray for Youth Week. Everyone loves Youth Week. The other bands were rad local bands and they played some quality sets. We played fast and with the most energy in a while. Harold rolled off a chair into the crowd and scared some girl. We also retired Game Over. Can't wait until next year!

Gig 27: BOTB Finale (May 4th, 2003)
This show was in a big arena. Unfortunately only about 20 or so people showed up. We played this show 3 piece style, and we butchered Bro Hymn Tribute (i think that's a sin). Props to New World On Fire and Mr. Solid. Thanks to the girl who bought the t-shirt. Thanks to CB3A for putting all this on, and for the 20 dollar certificate at Safeway.

Gig 26: Seylynn Hall (Apr 12th, 2003)
We cracked out the band uniforms for this baby. Harold jumped off a 10 foot speaker to start off the show. Lots of people were into it, including the 50 man pile-up moshpit in Cheese Was. Denver said he played like ass. And he did. Thanks to Devious for having us out, and thanks to Freedom To Oppress, The Redcats, and Sunset On Broadway.

Gig 25: Snackerz (Apr 11th, 2003)
There were so few people there, that Harold learned each person's name. We dedicated the set to Little Lisa, for drinking 80 creams on the BC Ferry! Amazing! We played decent, we would have liked to see more people there... damn Millencolin. Thanks to Duncan for doing some backup vocals. Thanks to Bombs Away, Mr Solid and New World On Fire for playing.

Gig 24: Pinetree - BOTB 2 (March 7th, 2003)
We were very rushed. We got there, and started at 7:30 on the dime. We played our 9 song set in 20mins and Denver left to play the semi-finals for b-ball (they won). Minor screw ups at this show, but we couldn't hear anything onstage. Harold's guitar got turned off during the last song (for various reasons) and he sang the rest of it just like Alice Cooper. We got 2nd place and we will be playing at the finale.

Gig 23: Snackerz (February 27th, 2003)
Well this show went pretty well. It was the first show we've ever put on and I think we were all nervous that we would lose all our money, see on how it was on a thursday.... Actually quite a few people came out and each band made about 30 bucks. Performance wise, we played pretty good. A few minor screw ups but nothing to disband over. Sunset on broadway and the meaning of this played great..... oh yeah blinded was there too *pulls collar*.

Gig 22: NWSS Charity Show (February 19th, 2003)
A decent show. We played about 4 songs after Rodrigo's and His Amigo's played. The main event was the Drum War between Denver (our very own), and Adam. It dragged on a little long at times, but there was no overall winner. Denver was amazing with his speed and improvisational skills. He broke a stick and it flew into the crowd and hit someone. Excellent!

Gig 21: Snackerz- Valentine's Revenge (February 14th, 2003)
Dysfunctional's first show of the new year, which is kind of sad, but the show wasn't like that at all. This show was amazing, the crowd was into it, keeping a steady moshpit throughtout our set. Our music was reasonably more tight than usual, and we finally sounded like an actual punk band (it's about bloody time). Harold rolled around on the ground during our grand finale and broke the switch off his guitar (it was well worth it though). Denver's drumming was outstanding at this show, he had no major screw ups and his fills blew mine and everyone else's mind. Billy screwed up the odd time, but managed to tune his guitar in the middle of songs. My voice was gone, but I continued to "sing" on as usual. The other bands played awesome (Freedom To Oppress, Martial Law, Reservoir Overdose, and New World on Fire). Snackerz kicks ass.

Gig 20: Pinetree Battle Of The Bands (Nov 29, 2002)
We placed!, for the first time in dysfunctional history we placed in a battle of the bands. We finished second, ahead of us was our friends Freedom To Oppress, which played rad, and in third behind us was Walk The Line, which also played an awesome set. This was one of the funnier shows we played, in the last bit everybody in the band played awesome, and had great intensity. This was Billy's first show with his new cab, and I (Harold) got to use a wireless patch cord, that I borrowed from the guy from Shinobi. So since I could move a around a bit more i decided to jump off this ledge into the crowd. My mom would have kicked my ass if she saw that. It was a great show and fun was had by all, props to the other bands that played really good sets but didn't place, Shinobi, Satchmo, Noah's Arcade (you guys rock!!), and Freebase. I was happy with the show and i believe the rest of the band was too.

Gig 19: NWSS Talent Show (Nov 13, 2002)
Something that I thought nobody would show up to actually turned out pretty good. Tons of good acts before us, props to Tuckwell, Jessie, Adam, and Paul. Who played some rad songs before us. We played reasonably well, with minor screw-ups. Nothing really exciting happened, so it was an ok show. Too bad there was no winner. Ah well, somebody else would've won anyway.

Gig 18: Moody Park Arena (Nov 2, 2002)
Let’s just say we played pretty bad and there must have only been 15 people there, and four of them worked there so it wasn’t our brightest hour. We played for an hour and a half with an extremely long hot coffee break that we wished would’ve lasted the rest of the show. Thanx to Anne and our sound guy who looked like James Hetfield.

Gig 17: Langley Civic Center (Nov 1, 2002)
Well once again dysfunctional opens a show and once again dysfunctional plays to their usual standards. We had some difficulties with our set because the stage constantly broke, luckily we managed to sustain ourselves. Props to the other bands ME, Blinded, Greg, Vitamin E, Sedated who all played great sets and a special thanks to ME for letting me use his stack. We had a reasonable crowd and we enjoyed ourselves with the people who came. Thanks to Kyle and Spawner for letting us play this show and Jason for keeping those losers out of the place and almost beating them up, that was cool.

Gig 16: Halloween Show (Oct 31, 2002)
Well dysfunctional put on it’s first show and it was a rather unique experience. Playing to our usual standards we were able to attract many people off the street. Moshing was off and on as usual for both us and Freedom to Oppress. With our hands freezing cold we managed to pull off some new songs and covers including: The Graveyard, Captain Anarchy, and Halloween. After completing our set we decided to let another band play called the Bad Amps who played alright but had an unexpected ending as a group of kids came and hurled eggs and hit a fan in the head. Excited with anger he confronted the group and challenged them to a fight. The group cowardly backed down but ten minutes later two of the guys returned to fire roman candles at the crowd again. The crowd scattered as a group of us (myself included) chased the two guys a couple of blocks where they hid in a friends house. Jesse (the same fan who was struck by the egg) was hurt several times by the roman candles and was threatening to trash the house but after several people came out we left not finding the two guys. Props to Adi for bashing one of them with his mic.

Gig 15: Ambleside Youth Center (Oct 18, 2002)
We opened as usual, we played reasonably up to par. We opened with some smooth jazz, but that didn't go over to well, ah well, we thought it was funny. After the jazz, we played up to our normal really fast pace of music, and the crowd was moshing at the beginning. They kind of stopped for the rest of the show, but they were still into it. We "played" 911 for Peace, but it wasn't anything to brag to your parents about. It was lots of fun, West Van has the nicest youth center ever. Props to the other bands, Freedom To Oppress, The Treatment Room and Haf-Wit.

Gig 14: Stardust - Battle of the Bands (Oct 11, 2002)
This show was lots of fun even though we didnt place..... Unfortunatly we were selected to go first so the amount of people in the building was really small. We played really well (in my opinion) but our style of punk was a bit overwhelming for the average 13 year old which made up most of the crowd. This show could have been alot better if the rules of the event were changed. For example when a mosh pit started to take place we were told that if we didnt make it stop we would be disqualified. Harold was particularly insane at this show, at the end of Game Over during my drum solo he got up on a 4 foot ledge and jumped.... he must of had about 5 seconds of airtime! Props to the other bands (Kid Hevy, Active SAC, False Sence of Pride, Blisterlip) who all played really well even though most of them chose to play covers (and they were pop-punk). And congrats to Just cuz' who won the whole event by a landslide.

Gig 13: Frosh Week - Lunchtime (Oct 11, 2002)
This show went over better than we had expected. There were about 50 or 60 people in front of us and as we soon realized, there were tons behind us. Harold was his usual crazy self, Billy persevered through a hurt ankle, Taelor was bassin' like there was no tommorow, and I (Denver), was my usual pale self.The only downside to this show was when Hardcore (Chris/The Merch Guy) attempted to get a mosh pit started, he was quickly discarded from the crowd by a supervisor ...... that and the fact that the plug was pulled on us (literally) during our religion..... GAME OVER!

Gig 11/12: Yam Jam (Sept 13th/14th, 2002)
These shows were so much fun! We played late at night when it was pitch black outside, and tons of people showed up. Our new material went over awesome, and the crowd was singing with us for lots of our songs, like Pieromaniac, Game Over, Pollution Sucks and Cae Sera Sera. We played one of our songs called The Redemption which starts out slow, and when we started going fast, the crowd went insane! Everyone was moshing. Harold jumped off the amps and was up to his crazy antics. Denver played awesome even with a sore finger, Billy was jumping and guitar soloing like a pro, and I was singing not too bad! It went sweet and we'd like to thank everyone especially the other bands (Freedom To Oppress, Exit 104, Halitosis and all the others).

Gig 10: NAL Sound (Aug 30th, 2002)
This show was cool. It was in a little jam space. We played awesome, except everyone was sitting down on the ground. Harold was still crazy though, he jumped off the stage and almost smoked some little kid. It was all good. Thanks to detour for inviting us out.

Gig 9: Carpenter's Hall (Aug 29th, 2002)
This gig was so-so. We played reasonably well, except for some little problems. The sound guy was really bad (we couldn't hear anything), and no one was moving around. That's what you get for renting a 300 person hall and having only 40 show up. Some good of this show did come though, we realized that anything close to pop punk sucks, and we're never playing anything like it.

Gig 8: Langley Party (Aug. 17th, 2002)
This was a cool show, because everyone there was older and they were all really hot girls. The only problem was, no one was moving or moshing or anything. It was still totally fun though, the other bands were a riot (although they were pop punk), Duma 55 and Barely Legal, you guys are really cool. Thanks to the Martial Law bassist who taught me how to properly play "Stickin' In My Eye" (no, that's not our own song, that would be bad if he had to teach me how to play our own song). We didn't get to see Haf-Wit, but they were still cool. We played our songs awesome though, even though nobody moshed. Thanks to Langley for letting us come out.

Gig 7: Arts In The Park 2002
Well we played our songs and it was alright. Until our equipment started cutting out and stuff. Anyways, you can't blame it on the equipment. It was an educational experience haha.

Gig 6: Youth Week Wrap-Up Concert 2002
This show went real swell. People were actually having a good time. There were crazy mosher kids, that kept a moshpit going for almost our whole set (like 30mins!). We played mostly new songs, and even a Ramones cover, so it was all good. Props to the other bands who played awesome sets too, Zero Soul, Azra, DRS and Halitosis.

Gig 5: Battle of the Bands (Stardust)
This was definitely our best gig to date, even though we didn't place it was still a lot of fun and a good experience. The crowd was into it, and I thank all of you who came out. I think our new stuff sounded a lot better than our old stuff, and I think the crowd felt the same way. It was a good experience, and congrats to Blunt, Infinite Madness and Stroke, you guys played awesome sets.

Gig 4: Lunch Time (Glenbrook School)
I felt the crowd was extremely cooperative at this gig. We pulled off "Fat Lip" quite well, but "Happy Together" was a slightly different story. None the less we still enjoyed playing for our school and I think everything went smoothly (except for Tim's filming).

Gig 3: Arts In The Park
This gig went fairly well, we weren't quite as into it, because the crowd was of different taste. But none the less, we won't complain, we'll take any gig at this point.

Gig 2: Glenfest 2001
This show went awesome! The crowd loved us, mostly because it was all hometown friends and buddies from school. And they had colors flashing behind us on a big screen. Too bad we only got to play 3 songs. Well worth it though.

Gig 1: Youth Week Wrap-Up Concert
Our first gig. Went quite well, we had to open up for the concert so the crowd wasn't quite into it, and there wasn't as many people, but still, it was lots of fun. Near the end of our set it was great. We got to play with other great bands such as Patent Pending, Halitosis, and Customer Service. You guys rocked! 1st experiences are always the best! (and the hardest).