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04.02.15 - Due to musical differences and overall boredom with our current genre, dysfunctional has decided to call it quits. Over 3 years we all grew together, played shows, and met lots of people but we felt as though dysfunctional could not continue. A huge thank you to everyone who came to our shows, bought our merchandise, and supported us, it meant a lot to us.

04.01.25 - Holla. The dysfunctional music video is officially on the internet and you can download it here for your viewing pleasure. It's as simple as right clicking the link and choosing save as. We have some shows coming up way in the future so look out for those, we also have stickers! So ask any of the members for one, they're free.

04.01.13 - New t-shirts are in! We will be getting pictures of them soon, but on the front logo is the tree from the introduction page of this website. Feel free to mail me if you are interested in making a purchase. We're very sad to hear that our friends, Freedom To Oppress has broken up and we will miss the great shows we had with them. Looking of the future, we have a couple shows coming up in the next two weeks so check out the shows section.

03.11.16 - Last month was a long one. We got screwed over at Bruise Boards and Beats and the Richmond show was quite the ordeal. We've been recording and writing new stuff, and selling old albums. New t-shirts are in the works, as are maybe some stickers. No shows lined up, but I might be considering bringing back a classic Snackerz line-up. Keep checking back here for updates.

03.10.21 - New website. Damn you popups.

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